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Super Spectrim Company Information

Super Spectrim Vitamins is a company with 100% of its focus on health and nutrition. SuperSpectrim was founded in 1982 by Dr. Carlin Venus. Dr. Venus has combined the expertise and experience of  some of the world's leading doctors, cardiologists and biochemist, (not to mention his own), to bring the most advanced nutrition to the market place today. Working with Dr. Boska, Dr. Venus has been able to make SuperSpectrim's Vitamins 12 hour time release, chelated, cold processed food supplement available to the public. As a pioneer and authority in nutrition, Dr. Venus has successfully trained and coached hundreds of individuals including many professional athletes, actors, and bodybuilders. (see Dr. Venus's biography below) For more information about Super Spectrim Vitamins, feel free to contact us. 

Dr. Carlin Venus

Founder and President

of SuperSpectrim

Biography of Dr. Carlin C. Venus 

I. Letters of recognition from all over the world.

bullet The Ambassador of Greece.
bullet Head of the Bel Air Country Club, Charles Bernold.
bullet Dr. Franklin Murphy, President of Los Angeles Times and former Chancellor of U.C.L.A. (University of California, Los Angeles).
bullet Barron Hilton, Hilton Hotels.
bullet Dr. Venus' wife, Carol M. Venus, Registered Nurse with psychiatric training.

II. Degrees, etc.:

(Dr. Venus' earned two degrees -- the rest are Honorary)

bullet Doctorate In Holistic Nutrition
bullet Doctorate in Nutritional Medicine
bullet Doctorate in Herbology (earned )
bullet Doctorate in Counseling and Therapy
bullet Doctorate in Naturopathy
bullet Doctorate of Philosophy
bullet Doctorate in Science Pastoral Wellness (earned)
bullet Doctorate in Science
bullet Certified Nutritional Consultant
bullet Certified Nutrimedicist. ANMA
bullet Professional Member Nutritional Consultants
bullet Registered Professional Member American Nutritional Medical Association
bullet Member of International Alliance of Nutrimedical Associations, Inc.

III. Awards:

bullet In 1985, was awarded 'World's Leading Athletic Bodybuilding and Strength    Counselor" from Bill Leeka of UCLA's Hall of Fame and Ken Duncan from USC (University of Southern California).
bullet Academy Awards of Body Building in 1991 with Arnold Schwartzenegger, Jack LaLanne and Steve Reeves as a "Notable In Body Building".
bullet In 1991, awarded 'World's Foremost Health Authority" by Bert Goodrich, the first Mr. America and Five-time Hall of Fame.
bullet "Top Researcher in Body Building and Health" by Gikas Venetsano, Ambassador of Greece and by Andreas Zapatinas, President of World Body Building - WASBA, Athens, Greece.

IV. Business:

bullet World Researcher Former head of World Health Research, Irving, Texas. Master in business with awards In Supervision. Member of Scripps Medical Institute, La Jolla, California. Chairman of the Board of Venus Food Supplements.

V. Athletic Accomplishments:

bullet Set World records still standing.
bullet As a Champion tumbler and gymnast, walked 1/2 mile on his hands.
bullet At age 19: Did a one leg squat with 235 pounds at 198 body weight (World record still standing)
bullet Short term Champion Pro Wrestler; Mr. San Diego, Mr. YMCA, World's Greatest in Muscle Control: Boxer, Martial Arts Instructor; and Volleyball Champion
bullet In 1983, at age 53, set a new world record of pressing 400 pounds overhead with one hand at the body weight of 285.

VI. Personal Trainer/Nutritional Consultant to the following notables:

bullet Paul Trousdals, Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California.
bullet Ed Pauley, President of Pauley Petroleum and Pauley Pavilion at UCLA.
bullet Vern Knudsen, Chancellor to UCLA.
bullet Bill Leeka, UCLA Football Hall of Fame.
bullet Berle Bettingen, richest woman in the U.S.
bullet Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, owners of Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills.
bullet Bob Cummings, Actor, Producer, Director.
bullet Neville Brand, Actor.
bullet Bob Dart, heir to Fischerbody Corporation.
bullet Pat Nesbitt, heiress of Nesbitt Orange.
bullet Professional Member Nutritional Consultants

VII. Religiously:

bullet Ordained in 1951 as a full time minister for 17 years, became a writer, author, inventor, lecturer, Public Speaking instructor for 20 years with over 500 lectures and appeared before 253,922 people, lectured on television and on films, was Presiding Bishop of 5 congregations (4 in English and 1 in Spanish), taught in Armenian, Greek and other languages, interpreted for the deaf for many years and has a Masters in Hermeneutics/ Homiletics (Bible interpretation) from a Catholic Seminary.
bullet Graduate Bishop of Kingdom Ministry School in 1963, obrained Sum Cum Laude status in the Field Ministry, holds a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling and Therapy.

VIII. Dr. Venus is a Top Organizer, Administrator, Fund Raiser and Motivator:

bullet Motivational tape: "All Too True, All About You"
bullet Holistic and motivational book: "Diet Psyche-Ology"

Super Spectrim Vitamins health products have been endorsed by doctors, herbal community, world class runners, aerobics champions, body building champions and fitness trainers to help maintain optimum health for all ages. Super Spectrim Vitamins has been proved to have a direct increase in vitality and stamina helping individuals achieve their goals. Order Super Spectrim Vitamins today!

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