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            Super Spectrim Vitamins Health & Fitness Products


Super Spectrim Vitamins Health Products, Super Spectrim Fitness Products, Fitness & Health Products for Runners

Shana Daniels Fitness Trainer, Super Spectrim Vitamins Health Products, Fitness Products, Shana Daniels Miss Fitness 2002 California, Shana Daniels Miss Fitness West Coast 1998

Shana Daniels Fitness Trainer Recomends Super Spectrim Vitamins, Shana Daniels Miss Fitness 2002 California, Shana Daniels Miss Fitness West Coast 1998, Fitness Products, Health Products

Dave Draper Mr World Fitness Body Building Champion, Dave Draper Mr America Fitness Champion, Dave Draper Mr. Universe Fitness Champion, Super Spectrim Vitamins Health Products, Super Spectrim Vitamins Fitness Products


Who uses and/or endorses the product?                                                                          


Doctors such as:


     Dr. David Boska,MD, former physician to the Astronauts


World Class Runners and All Americans such as:


      Bill Scobey - current record holder -Western Hemisphere Marathon                                             

      Gary Tuttle

                    (see testimonials below)



World Aerobics Champions such as Marc La Blanc


Fitness Champions such as:


     Shana Daniels - 2002 Ms. Fitness California 

                             1998 Ms. Fitness America West Coast


Bodybuilding Champions such as:


     Phil Williams - NPC National Champion and Mr. USA

     Dave Draper - Mr. America, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe

     Ani Couch - Miss Gold Coast

     Don Howorth - Mr. America


Champions such as:


     Vigdis Hagan - Miss Norway

     SWAT teams, and other police men and women

     Nutritionists and herbologists

  My search for the perfect vitamin ended when I discovered Super Spectrim.

Gary Tuttle

2nd Place - Boston Marathon

5th Place - Los Angeles Marathon


I used other supplements on and off throughout my athletic career, but never have I noticed an immediate boost in energy and physical efficiency until I started taking Super Spectrim. I have definitely noticed a direct increase in vitality and stamina.


Bill Scobey

current record holder Western Hemisphere Marathon

Former NCAA and AAU All American distance runner


Individual Testimonials For Super Spectrim Health & Fitness Products



"Super Spectrim multi-vitamin and mineral tablets are the best I have used in over 32 years of nutrition study and bodybuilding. I have used them exclusively since discovering them about 10 years ago. While working as a fitness trainer and nutrition counselor for many years, I recommended them to all my clients. Now, I encourage all of my patients to use them to help them heal faster and stay healthy. Everyone reports more energy and the body builders, stunt performers and athletes also experience greater strength and faster recovery from their training. I also use and recommend many other Super Spectrim products."


Dr. Rick D. Alexander, Chiropractor, North Hollywood, California


"Super Spectrim multi-vitamin and mineral have helped me maintain optimum health in several ways. I'm very active in weight training being a mother of teenagers and have a busy life style. I have found that using Super Spectrim for the last 15 years I haven't had the flu, colds or sore throat that I use to before using the product, My health is extremely good for skin, hair, bones, muscles, etc. I contribute all this to such a great vitamin."


Wendy Costa, Visalia, California


"Super Spectrim multi-vitamin and mineral gives me strength, energy and endurance. I am a natural bodybuilder and teacher of middle school. I can tell the difference when I take Super Spectrim. I've even got my wife using it. I've tried many multi-formulas, but I keep going back to Super Spectrim, The bottom line is it works!"


     Bret Anderson. Omaha, Nebraska


"Living with the AIDS virus, Super S has allowed my body to stay flushed of all poisons. It has kept my skin glowing and healthy. It has also kept my body and spirit very healthy at all times. The biggest miracle is the amount of energy I have each day. My day starts early thanks to Super S. I am never tired. It is truly a blessing to be a part of these wonder vitamins. Why don't more people use this? Thanks so very much, I have a different super outlook of myself!"


Charlie Fields, Los Angeles, California


"Super Spectrim multi-vitamins gave me the strength and energy to face the mental and spiritual battles that we confront daily. It has been a blessing to me. Thanks."


George Apollo, St. Louis, Missouri


"As a competitive body builder involved in health and fitness for over 25 years, I have tried many different supplements. Without a doubt, Super Spectrim is the finest multi-vitamin supplement on the market My entire family and I use it every day. Super Spectrim is the cornerstone of my supplementation program. It has helped me win the 1988 Natural Mr. U.S.A. Masters over 35 and again the 1996 Natural Mr. America over 40 title. Super Spectrim is a solid baseline product to start with and build upon. Super Spectrim is simply the best!"


Denis Beyer, Hopewell, New York


"I have hepatitis A. B & C (contracted about 25 years ago). Super Spectrim has helped me return to normal energy levels. Also, its digestibility has been important to me."


Danny Hazard, Brookings, Oregon


"Fred and I have used Super Spectrim Vegetarian Multi Vitamins since 1982. We have stayed with it because of the balance, high energy and over all state of well being that Super Spectrim Premotess. The continued high quality of this product and the peoples who make it keep us coming back."


Kathy Albrecht, Rohnort Park, California


"I like comparing vitamins. For years I have been taking vitamins. I am 65 and when I first started taking Super Spectrim and Tri-Minerals I would notice a great change in energy and staying power. Super Spectrim is the best vitamin on the market today bar none. Keep up the great work."


Gino V. Black, Edgewood, Maryland


"I have been using Super Spectrim for 15 years and it is the only multiple vitamin that I recommend to the patients I counsel. Patients frequently tell me it is the only multiple they can tell the difference in how they feel."


Fred Burleson, Ph.D., R.C.P., Waidport, Oregon


"Super Spectrim multi-vitamin is great for me because I tend not to eat like I should and it fills in the nutritional "gaps" in my diet. I feel noticeably better when taking them consistently."


Brandy Childs, San Diego, California


"I recently turned forty and still train hard and feel great! I don't know it I could say that if I had not been taking Super Spectrim vitamins for the last fifteen years."


Rick Cools, San Jacinto, California


"I have been using Super Spectrim since 1982, and I think it Is the best supplement out there. I must admit that in that period of time, I have tried others, like Dual Tabs by TwinLab. But those occasions have been rare, and I always came back to Super Spectrim. I have arthritis in my left ankle and my right knee, and no ACL in my right knee, but I still life weights and workout on a regular basis, and I play Ice Hockey twice a week. In fact, it is my desire to become the oldest person ever (43) to make a professional ice hockey team (minor league). Thank you  Dr. Venus and Staff!"


Gregory L. Cummings, Fort Wayne, Tennessee


"Back in 1995 1 stopped using Super Spectrim just got out of the habit of taking them everyday. About one month later I came down with pneumonia. I will never stop again!"


Kimberly Daniels, Moreland Hills, Ohio


"As a vegetarian I depend on Super Spectrim to supply me with a source of complete nutrition."


Art Esponoza, Oxnard, California

As a former owner of 4 health clubs (2 Gold's Gyms) state body building judge and fitness/athletic trainer, I wanted a natural product that would help boost energy, keep you alert and maintain the nutrient levels your body needs. After many years of use, I found Super Spectrim Vitamins to be superior to similar products. Super Spectrim Vitamins has proven to me to be safe, efficient and supply essential nutrients for the body to maintain proper fitness & health! I can highly recommend this product, not to mention their 30 day unconditional money back guaranty!


MD in Camarillo, CA

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